Sylenth Download

Do you guys provide the link to where I can get sylenth ?

Hey Mate,

Sorry, but its not bundled with the site.

You have to get it from Lennar Digital - [url][/url]

[quote]ICN (19/04/2011)[hr]Hey Mate,

Sorry, but its not bundled with the site.



[quote]derelict01 (20/04/2011)[hr]Well after looking through broken links and downloading a PC version first, I finally found it with the key gen.

Just thought you guys offered it free like computer music magazine does on their site.[/quote]

well everything that have a key gen is considered Pirated .

and everything that is offered in Computer Music magazine software is pretty much a limited version of the original or Demos.


so if you want free Spywares and viruses . u can download it from the web :smiley:

139 euro’s and it’s all yours.

Probably the best vst synth for learning the tricks. Easy and intuitive.

You can also try the freeware/shareware/demo versions on CM or FM DVD’s. There are quite a few full option freeware synths as well.

Just stick to one, and try to understand it completely.

Yeah well I have Massive and Reactor. They are a bit too complicated to learn at this juncture . So Sylenth is much easier to learn on. Id compare it to learning how to drive with an automatic transmission compared to an standard automission first.