Sylenth for Live Performance

Hey guys,

I’m thinking of using Sylenth at my next gig,

I’m trying to map it to Vestax VCM600 , but no luck…

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Everything on my midi controller is mapped apart from Sylenth, I must be missing a trick because i’ve seen the videos with Secret Cinema playing about with it all mapped etc…

Many thanks


in which DAW mate?

I’m using Live8 mate

It should be just load sylenth, press midi learn, touch a knob on sylenth, and turn a knob on your controller…unpress midi learn :rolleyes:

but Ive never used VCM600 so not 100% sure, sorry :ermm:

try it and let me know what happens tho

Drag in Sylenth. Hit the configure button. Whatever value you would like to be controlled by your midi controller (in this instance, your vestax), click the parameter and move it (change the value). It should register it as a controlled parameter. Then hit CMD-M (on a Mac) to enter MIDI Map Mode and map it to your controller. This is how you display automatable parameters on a VST plugin.


thanks guys,

Gonna give this a whirl today, Will report back to you…

Thanks for the input… .

Cush .