Sylenth Group Buy


Count me in

cheers for that tommyt if it were £60 again that would be awsome!

keep it coming guys!!!

[quote]amnesia (1/20/2010)[hr]cheers for that tommyt if it were £60 again that would be awsome![/quote]

I think it was £80?

hey guys,

to make it easier for me please shoot me your email at and ill pass them along to sonic, the more people the better the chance we will get a good deal

thanks everyone

Mail sent Tommy.

Cheers! :smiley:

Mail sent :smiley:

I’m in!!! I emailed them already and they hit me back saying that they are giving a 15% discount to members of SA but didn’t say they would do a group discount I replied and asked but haven’t heard back yet. I hope they do.

i emailed louise who is the new marketing director for sa. she should be able to work something out for us


we’re gonna need some time on this one as we are flat out with re-launch of site and have a squllion things to do for “go live” next monday

just so you know, this promotion will only be available to subscribers


Just joined the site last week,

Would also like to be involved in the sylenth 1 group purchase.

please shoot me a email at and ill put you on the list

sylenth is good…i just bought NI komplete(fm8, massive, kontakt, abynth reaktor) plus urban arsenal 1&2, retro machines,  fm8 transient attacks, massive expansions 1, best of absynth, best of reaktor, plus the finger, deep transformations, synthetic drums and more sounds i like seem to come out of sylenth wich i bought last…$200 good deal…rather then the like $1000 i spent on the listed above.

but as i wait on kore 2 (backorder) i am hoping that it will tie all these instrumens togather and really let me find the right sounds.

im also still up for this and sent an email to the abouve addy :slight_smile:

I need sylenth bad… am in:)

So what’s next what do we need to do? Do we have enough people signed up yep?

I’m so in. :slight_smile:

im definatly in! Email’s been sent

when can we get this rolling guys?

hey all,

i have all your emails if you have sent them to the sonic team isnt going to go forward with this until all the kinks in the website are ironed out. i know its been a little of a wait but i want to get my synth just as bad you. Ill make sure everything is passed along in a timely manner.