Sylenth Group Buy

Hey guys,

It seems in a lot of the recent posts that a few of us including me havent purchased sylenth yet and would like to get it. This is a preliminary vote to see if we can get enough to put together a group buy. If things look good ill contact lennar and see if they can help us out.

I’m sure Kev will be able to arrange another group buy no problem if there is enough people looking to get this.

I unfortunately missed it last time as i had two ibiza trips in and around the time i needed to purchase. Both trips broke me.

So count me in for this too.

how much would it cost with the group buy? is sylenth really that a good a vst? kinda new here :smiley:

I’m in. I need the full fat version!!!

[quote]berwin9 (1/17/2010)[hr]how much would it cost with the group buy? is sylenth really that a good a vst? kinda new here :D[/quote]

Depends how many people would join the group… :wink:

Sylenth is an amazing VSTi. Sounds really good and very CPU friendly…

Check out this free video to hear by yourself :


Depending on the final price, I could be interested… i’ll keep an eye on this topic ! :wink:

Have to say i’m glad I got in the first group buy on Sylenth. Best purchase of last year aside from the full Ableton Live Suite. Well worth it. It has been my number 1 go to synth of any of my productions. Go for it guys!

I would definitely recommend this synth to anyone who doesn’t already own it. Very light on CPU load but a huge sound. I don’t quite know how Lennard managed it - every other soft synth seems to trade one off for the other.

The only other plugin I’ve found that is as satisfying to use is the phenomenal Synth Squad from FXpansion, but when I used the demo version a short while ago now it placed a huge burden on CPU load. Since then it has been updated. Have they managed to make it more efficient yet?

im with mike dessler on this one, im in if we can get the price low enough lol

make sure you guys vote so we can get a accurate feel on how many people are interested

hey guys i been looking for this program all ***** day and its driven me crazy. im well up for a group buy. :D;)

add me on msn if any of u wanna

Count me in also guys:cool:

One vst i love using when at one of my friends studio, pm if need be if this gets sorted:)

I’m in on a group buy let me know

count me in…

give me a shout if anything happens.


Ok look guys if you’re all serious about the Sylenth, then can you please leave your emails in this thread and i’ll pass them to Kev.


my email:


im up for it aswell

anyone know how much it cost last group buy?

i think it was 60 pounds

cant go wrong in the £60 region

My email is : mikedessler at voo dot be

Hope it is not confusing… but i’m a bit paranoid with those email bots… :w00t: