Sylenth or Rob Papen synth poll

I have recently become addicted to the Sylenth synth by Lennar Digital. Phil came across this and featured it in a subscriber video and it just blew my mind the sounds it can make. Until that point I was about to purchase one of the Rob Papen synths, but now am at a crossroads. They are all in the same price range, sub $200 USD… What’s all of your thoughts, experiences? Thanks!


What’s the 5th vote for? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, i have no idea, it just put that on there. we’ll just say that the 5th is:

5. all of the above

now i feel like this is going to end up being the majority answer!


5th got my vote :wink:

If you’re going to invest then i’d be just as torn as you, defo not RP Blue though as that sucks.

If you’re not sure which to get i’d suggest ‘H2o - try before you buy’ or Demos so you can have a play around with all and see which you prefer.

i prefer all of them is the problem. so i’m realistically looking for a starting point, as i plan to own them all at some point! :wink:


i like blue …

i only recently playing with sylenth and checking whether i should buy it or not

I’ve been a fan of Predator for a while now, good if you’re making electro house or breaks type basslines, but have recently been won over by Sylenth and have been using it on most tunes I’m currently working on! If you had to buy one I’d go with Sylenth but Predator is by no means a poor substitute.

For me its predator  maily for its ease of use  and the dirty fat basses it produces.:slight_smile:

Deffinitly sylnth for me, Nick was using it at the open day and it sounds great. Got a copy of it soon after. I use it for bass lines mostly:D.

Thanks a ton guys n gals! I bought sylenth and it just blows me away. It has really unlocked my creativity with its ease of use! I’ll post clips soon! Man I love this site! I’d go to the school if I didn’t live in Los Angeles! Thanks to all, especially Graham as I’m a breaks producer too! Hurry up with that Funkatorial!!!


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