Sylenth Queries

First anyone know if there is a user manual for it? I cant find one on the site, and there wasnt one when I downloaded the product.

Second in the tutorials we go down to the mod envelopes alot, now I understand the basic theory of why but what I dont get is in the settings that contain AB, for example cutoff AB or pitch AB, what does the ‘B’ refer to.

Im confused as in the examples Ive watched and am referring to it seems that only oscillator A has been tweaked?

I hope this makes some sort of sense as its hard to explain


‘A’ refers to Part A of Sylenth, which has two oscillators (A1 and A2), and ‘B’ refers to Part ‘B’ of Sylenth, again with two oscillators (B1 and B2). So, for example, if you map Mod 1 to ‘Cutoff A’, this will only effect the cutoff of Part A. ‘Cutoff B’ effect the cutoff of part B, and ‘Cutoff AB’ effects the cutoff of both parts.

You can toggle between Parts A and B via the ‘Part Select’ buttons in the top centre of the Sylenth screen.

You can download the manual from here:


Hope that helps!

Look at the top of Sylenth :

You have two oscillators. One on the left (A1) and one on the right (A2).

Both of them share the amp enveloppe (A) section which is just on the middle.

Both of them also share the filter (A) section which is just under the left oscillator.

On the top center of Sylenth, you have two buttons “Part A” and “Part B”. If you press on part B :

  • You have two more oscillators (B1) and (B2).
  • Both of them share a new amp enveloppe (B) section
  • Both of them also share a new filter (B) section.

    It means you have 4 oscillators in sylenth. Now, let say you have to use only two oscillators to get that sound you need :

  • If both oscillators need the same amp enveloppe and the same filter settings, you can use A1 and A2… but you must be aware that doing a cutoff enveloppe (on the bottom of sylenth) with “Cutoff A” will affect both oscillators…

  • If both oscillators need different amp enveloppe and/or different filter settings, you have to use A1 and B1… and you must be aware that doing a cutoff enveloppe with “Cutoff A” will affect only the A1 oscillator. If you want to affect only oscillator B1, you have to choose “Cutoff B” and if you want to affect both oscillators, you have to choose “Cutoff AB”.

    You just have to keep in mind that oscillators A1 and A2 uses shared settings (amp enveloppe A, filter A and also enveloppes like cutoff A. Same for B1 and B2… they share amp enveloppe B, filter B and enveloppes like cutoff B. AB is useful when you want to affect part A (osc A1 and A2) and part B (osc B1 and B2) with the same enveloppe (or LFO, …) settings.

    I’m not very good at explaining in english… if you don’t understand something, it’s normal and i’m sure someone will explain better than i can do ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the answer Mike, very helpful

In the examples I refer to though Oscillator B1 or B2 does not get tweaked so in this case Im left wondering how Cutoff AB is used and not just cut off A

I suppose it is only the habit… most of the time, in their own music production, they have to create complex sounds and need to tweak osc B1 and B2… so, they may use AB enveloppes as a default value, even when the B part is not needed ! :hehe:

Thanks guys very helpful:)