Sylenth Question to Phil Johnston and SA Crew

Hey Phil and Crew,

Just wondering if this bass can be re-created on the sylenth or any other soft synth. I believe there are two elements to the bass (0:27)

Help much appreciated!



although im not an expert at synthesis i reckon it can be done

if you are talking about the fast repeating pattern sound like a typical FM8 sound possibly layered with another synth for the lower frequencies.

Just to be more precise at 2:06 it comes on here

yep thats the sound i’m thinking of. i’m sure this sound could have been made with any synth. the sound does have a kind of metallic top sound to it that’s why i suggested FM8

Yea i tried messing with FM8, wasnt able to crack it !

I think there could be a couple of notes in there?
place a '+ or -' 7th note to accompany the root & you might get it..
just a hunch..


Hey Lenner, I figured the pattern out, just for the sound, is it sawtooth waves layered with some drive and detuning, which is what I am trying to figure out.