Hi all,

I finally became a “subscriber” yesterday and have started working my way through the progressive house tutorial in Ableton.

I find it a bit of a kick in the teeth that Sylenth is used so much throughout the tutorial. I am going to have to pay out further funds to buy this, otherwise the tutorial becomes very difficult. Yes, I could try to find alternative sounds and presets in Ableton or other VSTs, but this kind of defeats the object.

Anyway, I remember seeing some time ago, a post with regards to a bulk buy of Sylenth for the SA users.

Just wondering if this is still available ? or if anybody knows any more information about it?

I am sure that the use of Sylenth is a familiar theme throughout the tutorials, so although I’m a bit disappointed that I am going to have to fork out more cash to make the tutorials worthwhile - I think it’ll probably make sense to do so in the long run . . .

Thanks guys.


We are waiting to here back from Lennar digital regarding a subscriber discount for sylenth.

if you could drop him an email explaining your situation it could be really helpful for everyone.

you can use the sylenth in demo mode at least you will get a feel for how to build the sounds and what the controls do to make it easier to make the sounds in a different synth.

Will drop him a line Phil. Thank you.

The demo version will have to do for now . . .

Have just emailed

Will let you know if they respond . . .

great! thanks!