Sylenth1 discount code?

I’m about to buy Sylenth1 (after putting it off for years) and just wondering if there was a way to get a discount coupon code? I know it’s used in a lot of videos here so I thought I would ask.


Havnt seen any codes in a while.

We will have The Sonic Synth ready in about 3 or 4 weeks which will do everything that sylenth can do and a lot more… it will also be under £50 for subscribers.

Very cool. Out of curiosity what are you using to build it? I am programmer and I have been thinking about getting in synth development (to counter my boring day job).

The GUI and design i did my self… all the coding was done by Michael Olsen - Very experienced and talented developer.

A ton of people are using synth edit… its PC only but is a good starting point.

I used Knobman, skin man and photoshop for the design.

Thats how the design progression went.

Very nice work! If I’m not mistaken it looks like it will have a very similar signal flow to Sylenth1…just by looking quickly. I could be way off on that :smiley:

Are there any samples of it available at this time?

Quick demo of the supersaw and filter

The signal flow i just wanted to keep as simple as possible… i never liked how sylenth had 2 parts where you had to switch back and forward so i kept everything on the one page… i also didnt like the way you had to wire up the filters to envs every time… so they are hard wired.

The signal flow follows standard synth convention OSCs-Filter-Amps-FX

It really is easy to understand.

It also has a few samples built in to help create more complex sounds and we can add more stuff as we go.

Theres also a ton more filters (formant) and OSC options.

Then the G-Env which is my favorite feature… drawing in your own envelops really enables some creative synthesis.

Sounds great and is really easy to use.

Its not as complex as the likes of Massive but it was really designed with the purpose of being an easy to use main go to synth that you can create a ton of different sounds really quickly.

Oh yeah and theres a really cool chord hold feature… I used to have an Roland alpha Juno 1 years ago with this feature and i loved it… it does top notch stabs.

Sonic Academy ANA Synth - Techno Stab by Philterino

Sonic ANA Synth - 2 Months Stab by Philterino

Both those you can play with a single finger. :wink:

sorry to jump in here, few quick questions Phil, will the sonicsynth definitely be compatible with ableton live 8 and is it definitely on schedule as I am also ready to buy Sylenth1 but if its going be ready for 3-4 weeks, I can hold off, also will there be a tutorial on how to use it best?


Yeah it will 100% compatible with ABleton and any VST/ AU PC/MAC hosts.

Ive been doing all the testing so far in Ableton and its really stable… working on the last few tweaks now.

There will defiantly be tutorials and we will be using it in all future tutorials (unless there something that it cant do) which isnt much.

we really wanted to make something that we could use that was going to be a lot cheaper than sylenth that we could use in our tutorials.

Sonic Academy ANA Synth - Trance Bass by Philterino

Sonic Academy ANA - Trance Strings by Philterino

Sonic Academy ANA - MRH Synths by Philterino

sounds really good, looking forward to it, will hold out for this as its much cheaper than sylenth1 :wink:

[quote]phil johnston (07/01/2012)[hr]

we really wanted to make something that we could use that was going to be a lot cheaper than sylenth that we could use in our tutorials.



I will definitely hold out for this as well. Sounds very nice.