Sylenth1 Group buy

hey guys,

i don t know if more ppl. would be interested in buying the sylenth1 synth.

as currently there is no group buy on sylenth1 page - is there the possibility to contact lennard and ask him to do a group buy (perhaps the sonicacademy could do that?!)

what do u think?



There was already a Sylenth1 group buy about 6 months ago unfortunately.

damn :crying:

Start a new group buy? There’s gotta be new members that want it

i want it but have been using the demo for 6 months

I’m sure they’d be up for doing another one if we asked them.

how much did everyone end up paying for it?

£80 i think it was.

Sylenth is great, but I believe that there is MUCH better out there. Many know that I am a proponent of DCAM Synth Squad. Check out what a friend of mine wrote in an article for Beatportal…


good post howie, but is dcam hard on your cpu, i have a old dell laptop thats not very powerful

sylenth is still one of the better sound cpu friendly synths around and it very easy to use. i’m sure if you contacted the guys that make the synth they would be happy to organize another group buy :slight_smile:

id be interested,is it 2.2 the latest?

[quote]tommyt (1/5/2010)[hr]good post howie, but is dcam hard on your cpu, i have a old dell laptop thats not very powerful[/quote]

Yes, but I have the most powerful MacBook Pro manufactured right now and I dont keep it running. I get most of my ideas and commit to them by bouncing them down to audio (freezing then flattening). I tend to run anywhere from 45-70 tracks of audio in my tracks so even with a strong computer, I still bounce to audio.

I’m interested!

Me too. I didn’t have the money last time. Would probably be best at the end of the month when everyone has been paid I think.

ok nice!

so who would take care of it , and write them an e-mail?

how many ppl. would actually now buy it?