Synth Britannia

BBCFOUR now, a must see!

ffs!!! I put sky on at 6pm and looked across channel 4 up until 1am and couldn’t find this.

So p*ssed i’ve missed it, hope there is a repeat!

Try iPlayer

Roben, I’ve got a copy if you can’t get it on iPlayer. Just DM me, and I’ll send you a link.

what was it?

[quote]bangthedj (10/17/2009)[hr]Roben, I’ve got a copy if you can’t get it on iPlayer. Just DM me, and I’ll send you a link.[/quote]

Hi mate that would be good thankyou!!

If it was played on Channel 4 then it would have a play again on Channel 4’s 4oD, but it’s not there :frowning:

it was on bbc four… great show… its on iplayer

Whats the name of the show?

[quote]phil johnston (10/20/2009)[hr]it was on bbc four… great show… its on iplayer[/quote]

BBC 4!!! That will be why when i was looking across the timelist on channel 4 for the rest of the evening I couldn’t find it then!


hey Jon or anyone, can someone send this to me? since i’m in the states, I cant watch the bbc programming. One more example of how the British are still pissed off at us for the Boston Tea Party.

can’t watch it also, Im not from the uk :frowning:

It was amazing, plotting the history of the ‘synth’. go here for the torrent files

Some of those early pioneers were CRAZY!

Just finished watching it on iplayer. Amazing! Just a shame they didn’t move into the 90’s.

Watched this yesterday on iplayer, was a great show indeed and I agree that I just wanted it to go on into the 90’s and talk to Orbital, The Orb and loads of other bands that changed my life!

Also confirmed my belief that Depeche Mode stopped making good records when Vince Clarke left! He was always my fave 80’s pop producer!!

Excellent viewing, although I don’t understand why they automatically dismissed the likes of Emerson, Lake and Palmer or Brian Eno right from the get go. Ok, they didn’t share the DIY Punk ethic, but there were some acomplished musicians using synths, also.

You have to respect Vince Clarke’s attitude, though. I thought his simple explaination as to why he left DM was awesome. Loved that.