Synth comperisons

has anybody done any extensive synth comparisons? something like sylenth vs massive vs alchemy vs ana?



edit: oops, i spelled comparisons wrong in the subject.

quite honestly you can create the majority of sounds on all four synths with similar results.

Super saw.

ANA & Sylenth Have better supersaw implementation.

Alchemys super saw sounds odd to be.

Massive has a unison mode but again isnt great implementation

Wave forms.

Massive has great wavetables with cool modulation features… really help with dubstep wobbles n stuff.

Alchemy has a very broad range of samples including more tradional sounds like pianos, strings etc. but less modern dance waveforms.

ANA has tons of single cycle waves and the noise osc waves which are designed specifically for EDM

Sylenth only has standard VA waves.


Massive… sound great but not that many of them.

ANA think we have over 20 now with some original ones like formant and distortion… again aimed squarely at EDM esp dubstep etc.

Alchemy has a lot of modeled filters that sound good.

Sylenth only has the usual HP,LP,BP 12 & 24 a bit light really. (sound nice tho)


ANA and Sylenth are by far the easiest to use. ANA has more sounddesign possibilities.

Massive is the Biggest sounding and has the most routing but i find it overly complicated for the majority of sounds.

Alchemy looks great on paper and has lots of potential but somehow it just dosnt add up to nice synth to use. Too many clicks to create simple sounds i think.

All of them have good demos so id recommend trying each one on its own for a week and see how you get on.

Im obviously biased about ANA because i designed it but I really believe its a winner as a general day to day main synth.

I designed it to do everything i wanted from a synth but still be easy to use and i think i nailed it. I use it almost exclusively in all my productions now. (only other synth im using is omnisphere from time to time).


I have noticed many of your tutorials use either sylenth or alchemy (well, that might have been only one). do you plan on changing to using ana for your tutorials?


Yeah we have been using ANA for all our in house ones… although with the Artist Series tutorials its just whatever the artist uses.

ANA was designed in such a away that its easy to follow along videos using sylenth.

very cool, thanks! i bought ana a while ago and was hoping i could use it as my primary synth and i think you have answered my questions. the answer is yes. :slight_smile:

thanks again!