Synth notes sustaining in Logic

I have just set up my Impulse 61 midi keyboard with Logic 9.When i play a note on the keyboard the note just keeps playing on and when i play another note it gets added to the previous note. I cant seem to play a single note for some reason. I have tried with Ana and the built in synths.Hope someone can
Cheers Paul

When you lift off from the key can you see a MIDI off message in the MIDI section of the transport window? Will have a note with a line through it.

Hi Chris,br
I think it’s a problem with automap. I flicked through the templates and i had it on the Garageband one when the notes were hanging and there was not a note with a line through like you said. The keyboard plays ok on the Live setting and the Mainstage setting but i have no control over the mixer . I will keep plugging away i am sure i will sort it