Synth Programming Videos

hey friends,

what if we make our own videos with a screen capturing software (free one ??)

would be really cool to see u guys working on basslines, leads, effects etc !!

i think thats a great idea anyone of us can learn from !

also if anyone has a question someone who knows it can make a quick video !

also the midi notation on loads of leads, basslines would be so cool to see and learn from !!

what do u think ! ?

we have asked about this before many times and i think that something is being planned, when we spoke about it we all feel that as user’s of the site we wanted it as access able by members only. to give the videos to everyone would be a silly idea, we all want this site to grow so giving access to the videos with out being a member means people can just leach the videos with out giving anything back to the forum.


we’re about to embark on a major redevelopment of the site and user generated content is something that we are trying to build into the new site

great idea, but these things take time!


i know i only want to access full subscribers…

there is a subscriber support section where we can make our own thread with user videos.

also only full subsribers can log in to this site.

Kamui - Virus C Tweaking/Lead/Bassline Electroslut

- YouTube

Pro Synthesizer Tutorial: How to make supersaw leads (HD) - YouTube