Synth Risers

One small question guys, before the beat kicks in, I want to put a nice long synth riser, the problem is that even though I made a riser on the root key of my track, its still sounds like the riser is out of tune, I guess its because it start on the root note at a low scale and then it climbs all the way up on all sorts of notes, but is there a way to make it go up smoothly as in tune to the melody? like I hear in all the pro tracks :slight_smile:

(I followed the tutorial on sweeps and risers step by step and manage to get a really nice riser except the part of fitting the riser to the melody,it’s just isn’t mention there)

If you are doing a sweep, then it is just white noise. Pitch shouldnt matter.

On a pitch sweep, I feel like the top note (ie. where the pitch ends at) is the most important. You should make that the note to focus on. You can do this by ear though.

Maybe you could try another approach?

If you know what your source and target note need to be …draw in some automation of the pitch. (pitchbend on sylenth)

Drawing your own envelope shapes will give you loads

of control over the transition between source and target note.

You could for example rise slowly over a few bars and then very quickly jump to the target note all in a very controlled manner.

A normal riser should have worked though but they can be too coarse at times.

What ever gets the job done.