Synthesis - Operator

Would you like to see Indepth Synthesis tutorials?

Hi Sonic,

I’ve been watching these synthesis tutorials made from another website which I won from Howiegroove (see 'legend award ‘09’ and ‘RAFFLE OFF’ posts).

Anyways, it’s really in depth and has really helped me to understand what the hell each knob, button and area does on Abletons ‘Operator’.

Which in turn could be applied to not only Operator, but pretty much any other synth out there. ie: All other DAWs personal Synths, software and hardware synths…

I’m still watching them at the moment as it’s a lot of information to take in and need to give myself breaks between videos lol, but was thinking that this kind of thing REALLY should be on Sonic Academy.

So my request is simply this, please make an in depth ‘Synthesis - Operator’ tutorial.

The information is really valuable and would really take the Sonic Academy content to another level, doubled with the fact that the ‘synthesis’ catagory of Sonic tutorials really needs more than just ‘Reaktor’.

Now obviously this isn’t for my personal gain (although i would watch them) because i already have the resourse available to me now, but this would be valuable for Sonic subscribers and the profile of the website.

I’m not sure about anyone else on this website, but I’m personally not that intersted in sounding like someone else (htsl) (although genre sounding as a whole does interest me (see htsl dubstep), i’m more intersted in understanding how to design and create my own sounds - which, is something i’ve always really struggled with because there hasn’t ever been the full resourse here on the website for me to learn.

I’ve submitted this post here rather than the council group as I’d like to see if other members on the website agree with me. Lets see how the poll runs…

hey roben,

i haven’t seen these tuts but i bought one he made for sampler and thought it was pretty good

Sound Design in Ableton Live: Operator | Nick’s Tutorials

Yeah that’s the one, however I didn’t post by who or where because it is after all, a rival site. lol :hehe:

[quote]roben (12/28/2009)[hr]Would you like to see Indepth Synthesis tutorials?i’m more intersted in understanding how to design and create my own sounds - which, is something i’ve always really struggled with …

Agree with this, but the HTSL format currently of suggesting a genre and an artist/track(s) probably makes planning and constructing the actual tutorials much easier, (in relative terms). Its probably also very useful for those people who aren’t quite sure specifically which branch or sub branch of any given genre the music tutorials they’re requesting fits into. My grammar is terrible, but I think what i’m trying to say comes across lol? I voted yes, btw.

I’ve been asking for this for a while now on SA, but haven’t heard anything back for either a yes or no. I think a general series of tutorials on each of the Ableton instruments would be a brilliant one to have, considering that much of the existing tutorial content is made using it.

A big +1 from me!

Only 6 votes? I guess synthesis isn’t that important for Sonics budding producers???

6 votes is barely worth the effort of putting this post up.

+1 for me too

got operator but have barely touched it for some reason i just found it really hard to use compared to sylenth1 so would like to see some vids on how to get to grips with it:D

Turn knobs and experiment. That…unfortunately…is the best way to learn synthesis.

i think im okay with operator but when it comes to abletons analog synth im lost, i think the layout of the synth is confusing, i always use presets for it

Reverse engineering (if that’s a term lol) a preset in your synths is easily the best way to learn how to make sounds :slight_smile:

learn to listen and pick out waveforms and effects (the hardest one for me ) used to create the sound.

make a simple patch and then cycle through the wave forms and play around with the mix levels of each waveform.

Synthesis wise I learn’t it at University using a modular synth called Vaz many moons ago and got confused and hardly learn’t a thing.

I found Subtraktor in Reason a really well laid out synth and learn’t most stuff using that.

I found analog a different approach to a layout with its different tabs etc but could understand it due to learning synthesis basics in Reason.

Have a good google for synthesis 101 and youtube etc see what you get and report it here I reckon.

If there isn’t any clear and well organised tutorials out there I could put it on my video list for donationware tutorials.

But its a big field so don’t expect it to be done in a day or two :slight_smile: