Firstly I would like to no a top book for Sound Synthesis if possible.

Secondly,I was wondering could you tell me the main purpopses of vst instruments such as Sylenth and Nexus.My reason for asking is,I recently done a Production course in London for a Week and my tutor stressed to me the importance of using the likes of Analog in Ableton Suite(which i use) to construct your own sounds.So i then went through your videos on Subtractive and Fm synthesis to get more in depth into synthesis.

I Guess what im askin is how often should one use patches of sylenth or nexus in their tracks,Is it right to construct a complete track using Vst instruments,Do the big names in Trance music construct tracks from just vst instruments or are they Synthesis geniuses,I hope you see what im tryin to say.



Theres no right or wrong really… we use sylenth in a lot of our tutorials because its really well laid out and easy to follow whats happening with it. It also sounds great.

Analog is a decent enough synth but isnt particularly well laid out and dosnt sound that great IMO.

Also the ableton suit bundle adds £200 to the purchase price of Ableton where as sylenth is only £120

Could you maybe reccomend a book on synthesis.