Synthesizer music - recreating that sound with plugins

found that record in the late 90s and i remember it had all the machines listed on the cover. but it’s almost 20 years. how would you recreate that late 70s/early 80s synthesizer music sound with plugins? especially the vocoder. bought every plugin i could find and while they sound good in what they do, none sounds like that. they sound “too good”.

You still answered your question. The sounds in that song are sounding like typical analog hardware from that time. And there are many thousand plugins available today and not all of them are sounding just “too good”. For example you can find plugins which are simulating that “unclean analog charakter” like some VSTs from u-he or TAL or rompler plugins. And today you will find some very good 80s/90s sample collections, too.

The problem today is, that many developers only promote their stuff with actual popular genres and don’t show other strengths.