Synths whitch1

hi guys i’ve been using reason 4 a few years an just started with ableton love it! love it! love it! need 2 move things on an need 2 buy a synth 2 use on both but avent a clue which 1 2 buy any feedback would be great:)cheers:hehe::hehe:

its a good deal !:slight_smile:

i use the malstrom in reason sometimes plus massive, sylenth and albino … id suggest massive and def sylenth

no matter what any synth producers try’s to tell you, no one synth will produce every timbre or sound you want. although they all have the same basic principles behind the oscillators, filters, lfo’s and effects they all sound very different. my personal opinion would be to choose two of three good synths that you find easy to work with. there are some really great soft synths around and i would be hard pushed to choose just one from the lot. although i will highly recommend you check out.




minimoog v

disco dsp discovery






zebra 2


pro 53


fabfilter twin

sugarbytes unique

all of those synths are capable of really soild good quality sounds and will very rarely dissopiont.

I use Arturia’s Minimoog, Albino 3, Sylenth, and Operator.

I think i covered them all.

yeah thats a good selection the howard

Computer Music has a nice selection and they’re free on the attached DVD.

vanguard , Sylenth 1, unique …

I was a total reason head up until about a six months ago when I thought I’d give Live a whirl. I never looked back. Reason is fun but WAAAAY less pro that ableton… you’ll not regret it matey.

Ok so onto syths - I’m a big fan of Sylenth - it’s pretty much all I use at the moment and I’m loving it.Soooo many variations of sounds you can make, it’s really quite sick. I also mess about with Massive a bit.

I’ve heard great things about the minimoog synth.

Are you familiar with synths and how they work? If not maybe just learn how to use operator in Live to teach yourself the basics then you can trial a bunch of different synths to see what one you like.

also if you are a mac user you may wanna take a look at MOTU MX4

I am working with Massive, Albino 3, Sylenth and FM8 !

love all of them especially the Sylenth !!

I think im the only person ever not to like sylenth! Maybe il give the demo another go.

I would also suggest you demo afew yourself. Its pointless what other people say, only you know what sound you like.