Hey guys - new user here. I really struggle with self-esteem in terms of my production / fear of failure, and therefore find it difficult to share my music with anybody so I can’t help but hear my music how I eventually get used to hearing it over and over again.

Hoping this forum will be useful in overcoming that. :slight_smile:

Here’s a track I’m working on which I want to eventually be something like Arab Straps kind stuff if any of you are familiar with him (brilliant artist) - here is a great recommendation: Arab Strap The First Big Weekend - YouTube.

Like those Chords.

The start is a bit out the way it fades up. seems to take to long.

think you have tioo much reverb on your drums and its too big… the Arab strao drums sound quite live and as if they are in a small room.

snare is a bit loud.

nice vibe tho… chords and bass line are great.

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Not the easiest kind of music to reproduce, it’s very rich in terms of sounds, could be melodic & almost the opposite at the same time. Didn’t know the artist BTW, really standing out of the crow. Special indeed but nice.

Already a good start, like Phil mentioned, the chords & bass line are great, you can always tweak your drums sounds & experiment with different sounds & settings, that’s the beauty of making music inside a DAW. Agree with the intro been too much faded & taking too long.

About confidence & self-esteem, it’s for me a sign of people putting some love & passion for the music they are trying to make, so there’s nothing wrong with that. But at some point it’s good to break the walls of your own listening space and get others to hear your music. Close friends & family members with an interest & open mind for music can be a good starting point but they know you & could have a tendency to be too kind ( or the opposite… LOL ).

S.A community on the forums is a place of cool & nice people IMO, it might not be where you will have a huge amount of listeners & comments but I haven’t seen people getting nasty & harsh so far, and if they do, we should remember them that they also started one day… Hahaha :wink:

So keep on daring & put trust & confidence in yourself, the love for the music & some work can really do a lot.

Looking forward to hear how this song will evolve :wink:

Cheers !