Synthwave / outrun

Haven’t done anything for some months and this weekend I listened through the songs I did last year, when I was hiding in the forest from the varus. This one doesn’t sound too bad. The reverbs and panning are still a bit too random, and I am not sure if I’m not cutting too much from the high end.

Sounds good with nice musicality.
For me the track could use more bass energy. As it is, I’d say the kick & snare, though perfectly in style, are slightly fatiguing and may be too loud or sharp. More low bass energy in the kick and bass could help the kick & snare to seem less pokey and give the track more oomph. Also, if you are happy with the bass level but recognise that the kick may be fatiguing, you could reduce some of the treble in the kick and perhaps reduce the volume of your mid range synths a bit.

Thanks a lot. It fits, from a different angle, my impression, that bass and drums are the most important things here but after 1 or 2 minutes it gets tiring. No idea what exactly it is, because I already cut so much of the higher frequencies.

I’d like to hit the vibe of this one:

Quite like the musical ideas and the stereo image and sounds placement in this one, great stuffs with the vocals and synths sounds + fx, nice old vibe feel.

Yeah, the tandem drums + bass isn’t working, have you tried at a slower tempo or with less 16 notes for the bass and slower overall rhythm ?

The bass all way long with this pattern is part of the fatigue on the long run, it could be more rounded in terms of sound + more minimal for the pattern IMHO.