Synthwave pop

watched the “the midnight” tutorial and tried to follow it in ableton. there’s an awful click on the kick in combination with the second bass and i don’t know how to get rid of it. added sidechain compression to the bass, longer attack, cut some higher frequencies on the kick, …

replaced the song after listening to it on my speakers (used only headphones before). reduced the volume of the drums, increased the volume of the bass, and somehow, maybe it was the wine, i got confused about the chords in different tracks. so removed some “jazzy” ^^ notes. plus several other changes. overall it sounds better to me now but still has several problems with the track loudness in certain parts of the song and the chorus which sounds like it’s overloaded with thin white noise (which is not the case but my theory is that there is something missing in the mids - low mids, but i don’t know how to make that part really punch you in the face).

had another look at the song.

Nice 80’s vibe. The high mids sound a bit overwhelming though when all synths kick in around 1:00 and onward, so maybe you should consider to clean that up a bit.

thanks. the usual problem: i hear that there is something wrong but do not know what and how to fix it. and comparing the latest version to the first version it’s, as usual, getting worse the more i try. ^^