Synthwave track "Coastlines" demo version track feedback

Hey guys, scootiepuff here again and this time I wanted to put up another track “Coastlines”. I feel that it’s almost complete, my idea for this track was to make something that felt like you were driving to the beach in a convertible with the top down, hence the title. As always any feedback or advice provided would be greatly appreciated! Also if there’s anything you guys want to ask about the track like sounds or samples used etc., please feel free! Anyways, thanks again guys and hope you enjoy!

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Sweet. Flows nicely and good round sounds. It also sounds great in mono. In stereo (on headphones), it feels a bit unbalanced and overly busy in the lower frequencies. For example, the snare seems unusually active in the bass area. I would imagine that having another look at the stereo information below 200hz, making it a bit tighter, more focused could enhance the forward momentum of the song.