Take a listen- New Rihanna Remix Out

Hey guys,

Thanks for the response on the last remix I posted, very pleased to hear the response! This remix is a little more complex; I broke up the track and added a bit of glitchy flair to it. And for those of you who don’t particularly like Rihanna, which includes me, take a listen anyway. I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Rihanna - Only Girl in the World [Flaxo Remix] by Flaxo

Sorry new embed:

Rihanna - Only Girl In the World (Remix) by Flaxo

Whats up man. Get used to me posting in ur threads :stuck_out_tongue:

So i don’t like Rihanna either, but her vocals sound good in the remix.

A couple things that I noticed…

The first “trance” synth or whatever you wanna call it that comes in at 54seconds… i dunno what it is about this synth, but I don’t like it. It is too dry or something. It just doesn’t sound fresh enough… That same old filter stab sound has been used so much that like, i just get bored hearing it again and again. Some really awesome keys/piano might be better suited here. I dunno. The 2nd synth is definitely better than the first. But these 2 synths sound very similar. (they probably are the same with just different beat patterns and a filter, but I could be wrong…) If you changed them up to be different, I think it would liven up the whole track.

Another thing… The 2nd synth that comes in is a bit too loud. The vocals should be a tad bit louder I think. the synth should sit behind the vocals. not the other way around… or maby thats just me… but thats what I feel when I listen to it.

My favorite part is at 2:53 when you do the chopped up vocal effect. What did u use for this? Melodyne? or did u just chop it up and copy/paste or simpler… Definitely the best part of the track. you should find a way to expand it if possible.

The drop is sick as usual. I dig what you were doing there.

PS. your tips helped me get a new track done. I’m still working on it. But hoping to post it up soon so that you can help me rippp it apart and put it back together again!

Thanks for the response.

I really don’t like the synth much either hah. It’s sort of in there because I saved it as a preset a while ago.

As for the vocals, that’s all ableton. I just duplicate the audio track, turn off the full one, and chop it up as I like. I got the 30 day trial of melodyne, but it just didn’t do it for me. The longer cut and paste style just works better for me.