Taking a completed track and using it in a live set

I was wondering what others do once they have a completed track in the arrangement view and want to bring all that work/automation back into the session view to copy/paste into a live performance set.

My live set is all built in the session view so I can play each row sequentially and skip/spend more time on a section that is or is not working. I have some new songs that are in a different project file, that are built mainly in the arrangement view.

I’m guessing I would need to split all the audio into the chunks I’d want and then copy/paste back into the session view? Thanks!

Not sure mate although i’d be interested to get some more information on this also!

Anyone any ideas??

check this out

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there’s a free set pack on there of theirs that shows how they set up their own tracks to play out live. the Suite version is more detailed if you have Ableton Suite.

Tom Cosm is your man :wink:

Cheers lads will check 'em oot