Taking your leads to the next level?

hey phil,

Im wondering if you can help us to take our leads to the next level mainly making trance supersaw leads I layer up some synths and I think its sounding pretty big until I a/b to a hardwell lead and then mine sounds so much thinner, can you point us in the right direction on how to narrow the gap between the pros leads.

I guess it would be good to know how you would approach the layering stage, how would you be splitting your layers, I know its up to personal taste but if you could help us to get closer then I think we can make more of an attempt to then try our own things. Im just at the stage where I have a track pretty much finished but I am just stuck on making this lead bigger.

Thanks in advance for any help

If you listen to the difference in the lead sound in the dutch house tutorial… (mixing Chords) you will hear how a few simple EQ and reverb tweaks really improve the sound.

I still struggle with leads quite a bit… it can be really tricky to balance everything.

just keep tweaking, comparing etc.

but dont worry about it too much until you have everything else all working together.

Ok thanks Phil i will keep that in mind, I have also been trying to get around resampling the leads to make them bigger, but when I resample the synths together in C3 then play put the sample in simpler and have them play the same midi notes which is playing chords it sounds totally different to the synths before resampling it sounds darker almost lower and I am unsure why this is?

Did you try playing an ocatve up?

yeh it still wasnt quite the same not sure why, I think I have worked out a way to get my leads bigger now, So Hopefully I will finish mixing this track soonish, and get some feedback from you if you dont mind?