Teach me this sound

haha if any one could please do an tutorial on this sound would be great :smiley: Frequently Asked Questions at Trackitdown

sorry this is the link



Thats right up the ally of what I’m after!


such a lush sound :slight_smile: i’ve asked so many people that i know to help me recreate this sound but with no luck. im sure its got a lot to do with the the actual synth he is using that has given the character of the sound. unfortunately can seem to find a randy katana kit list

i read somewhere that he has a mainly analogue setup so i would say that to get anywhere near the sound its safe to say probably better off using the classic analogue emulations mini moog, V8, Pro53 and so on

Hey jon check your pm box man!:slight_smile:

Sounds pretty unique! :smiley:

Man I have been looking for this same type of sound for the last week. Would it be possible for anyone to also help me out?



This sounds like it’s got all sorts of automation on it, how exactly someone’s supposed to recreate this is beyond me! The bass never stays constant so it’s going to be extremley difficult to re-create!

bet he had loads of fun coming up with that


Did you ever learn how to manipulate the sound like that yet?



no mate not even close