Tech corrupt

tech corrupt:angry:

movie works but cant open tech which is the other file that came with the module

can i get the ableton project file please

dont want to re download whole module again

as it might be the same situation

are you on a mac? I had the same problem but I’m on a mac. Was an extension issue when unzipping the file it added an extension. If that’s the case, delete the last extension so your only left with the Ableton Project File extension. Assuming thats what you’re about! :wink:


did you mean

rename to techhouse.alp

i tried that & no go

i watched the movie and i liked it

i also would like to buy the sweedish house mafia module

why did yous only take advantage of the impulse and not the drum rack

i will fix this for you this morning!



I have the same problem, I downloaded the pack and when I tried to install the live pack tutorial it gave me this error

Failed reading Live Pack file ( This Live Pack is corrupt).

Please help!

should all be working now!

[quote]bryan spence (6/8/2009)[hr]should all be working now!


[/quote]Hi , it’s still don’t work, i have the same probleme on vista.

What can i do?

Please helpme

I can’t unzip at a all

files corrupt

i updated the tech house zip file, but you have to re download it from the site

if you go back to the subscriber video section, and into the Get That Sound ‘Deep Tech House’ section, you can redownload the zip file

HERE is a link


it’s an Ableton project file, I need the samples to use in Logic, where can I get them?

thanks Jamie

if you look in the ableton project folder, and then into the enclosing folders, the samples are in there!

usually in the samples folder!

let me know if you find them in there