Tech house drum pattern - hi hats percussion

Hi guys,

First of respect for everybody, this is my first post :P. I am let’s say an beginner to intermediate user of Ableton Live 8 and I hope a future tech house producer.

I have 3 traks almost finished but my concern is that I,ve used drum loops and the quality isn’ the one i wish for.

I would like to use impulse to create my drum patterns. Everything is ok, kick, snares, claps. open hi hat but when it comes to add shakers, tambourines, closed hats, clicks it sounds childish. I want to find some basic techniques for tech house drum patterns and then create my own style. I searched for tech house drum patterns but no success.

I’d love to obtain the drum sound like the italian producers are using like this one :smiley:

- YouTube

Do you know any tutorial i may use?


Follow the link Mate… Hope its not too basic for what you are looking for :slight_smile:


The Rest of the Tech Production Tips Thread is here:


Might find something interesting along the way :cool:


I was checking your link of the you tube and that track hi hats are loops from sample packs. also the percussion too.

now what i do sometimes to make my track more Groovy and have that especial kind of Drive . I start to Program the percussion with out quantize . remember that u have to set up the latency of your interface to make it play in sync as much as you can in your controller. ( usually in cubase 5 we have a latency compensation button).

one of the reason that those hats or shakers sounds so Groovy is because they use velocity changes on the dynamic of the tracks. so using some human touch is really great and can sound the way you want it .

sometimes i usually adjust it with a swing plug in and move independently the notes if you feel that is not right

hopefully that helps