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Tech House & Techno Megapack

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If you’re looking to grab an insane amount of super high quality content for a unbelievable price then you’ve come to the right place… This is our biggest pack EVER!

Like the sound of adding 4.46GB of killer Tech House and Techno audio, MIDI, Presets, tutorial videos and production tips and tricks to your studio for a super affordable price.

This is Tech House & Techno Megapack - the brand new megapack from Sample Tools by Cr2.

This pack contains a massive 4.46GB of content spread across the absolute highest quality audio, MIDI, Presets, Video Tutorials and tips and tricks booklet from our acclaimed megapacks Techno Megapack and Tech House Megapack!

NOTE - Massive version 1.2.1 or higher required for these presets

NOTE - Sylenth version 2.2.0 or higher required for these presets

Killer deal!

Fantastic pack well worth it

Few problems here, I try opening the files from inside ableton browser content pane but it appears ableton dose not recognize ANY of the files but yet these files are WAV… Any suggestions?

A great pack to get anyone started on new material! Keep them coming!

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Can you play the files outside of Ableton?

Hi Chris cheers for getting back to me. Yes the files can be played out of ableton but dont appear in the browser, very strange as all my other sample packs appear and play Within the browser with no trouble…

Anyone else experiencing the same problems as me?? Still not showing up in the browser pane… Very odd indeed…

PM me and we can set up a remote desktop session - be good to see if there is a reason for this?

ok, so that means, only Ableton users can use this files?

Hi. is the pack ok to buy as I see lots of complains. I am looking forward to buy it.

Hey - the pack is cool to buy the issue with filenames was resolved :thumbsup:

Cool thanks Bryan

Bryan I got the pack but battling to find videos, could you email me direct link to download videos only please.

Hi @Marvin_Ngema In each pack you will see a folder named - “Tutorial files”. In that folder is a PDF containing links and passwords to access the video files .

Hi Chris_Agnelli Thanks I will check PDF. Should I access video links via browser?

Hi @Marvin_Ngema - yeah they are on vimeo but password protected - Passwords are in the PDF

Super stuff Chris Agnelli. Thanks.


EDIT : Google Translation from Polish

We’ll see what’s good in there !


Thanks to post in English on the forums so that other members can appreciate your feedback

Dzięki postom w języku angielskim na forach, aby inni członkowie mogli docenić Twoją opinię