Tech House Track - Any advice

Hi guys here’s a tech house track I’ve been working on just looking for constructive feedback good or back thanks guys :slight_smile:

stick links on their own new line for them to embed :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey dude! I like it its got a proggy feel about it the and the vocals samples work nicely together. Its also pretty tight (not messy like my productions!! :wink:

I would have liked more intensity leading up too the break and the rave siren I thought could have been used in the break more.

Otherwise I like ti! Nice one

On my speakers the subs seem to go super low. maybe bring the bass freqs up a notch and roll off some subs from about 30hz up

Thanks man appreciate it will definitely work on this

Thanks phil this was all made through headphones in the process of moving house so no studio at the moment :slight_smile: