Tech House Track, feedback appreciated

Hey everyone.

I’ve recently made a Tech House track with a sort of dark melody. I would like to hear what you guys think about it, and if i can improve anything.Check it out!

nice mate

i like the overall mood and it sounds nicely done. what i’m missing a bit; and that’s a purely subjective perspective; is the special thing. if you’d play that song to me without knowing the context, i couldn’t tell if it was a 2016 soundcloud producer or a 1998 bpitch record. well done and obviously the technical skills are there but now i would like to hear more character, more expression, more emociones and something so unique that you remember.this song.

Thank you for the great response! I will try to dig into it and make it more special. But right now I’m not sure where to start. Can you make any references from other tracks that has a unforgetable uniquenes?