Tech house track

Hello everyone Iā€™m currently working on a new tech house track i was hoping to get some feedback good or bad, Let me know if you like it thanks everyone :slight_smile:


interesting track - i actually really like the groove.

the stabby mid range element that comes in at 1m 46s is a little too screechy for me - iā€™d go with something more donky / percussive like.

but i really like it

Thanks for the feedback bryan

This is another project that i am working on feel this one is a lot better let me know what you guys think and thanks again :slight_smile:


Wow - that is an amazing track John, love it, wicked groove going there

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Thanks mate really appreciate that, still have to work on some of the low end as the kick and the bass are to poignant in the mix but glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Listened on laptop speakers here - will check again in the studio in the morning - sounded great on the lappy :wink:

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Yea mate if anything sticks out that i need work on please let me know :slight_smile: made this on my laptop with only headphones back in the studio this weekend so i be able to monitor the low end abit more

really nice and round