Tech housy track with silly name

Not what I set out to make, I really wanted to do a dark minimal track like Paul Ritch’s Spoke. Ended up more like a tribally thing, always seems to be the way.

Any comments greatly appreciated, especially about levels and the mix down.


Whompthruster by Duff

Hey man, nice track.

Comments on mix etc.

The hats seem a little sharp/high in the mix.

Have you thought about adding a high freq bleepy sound? Maybe in the second half of the track as the section after the break is quite long. It would help with variation - otherwise there’s a bit where you hollow out the tribal toms (low pass?) that would be good to hear a little more in that section.

What Paul said about the drive after the break is spot on.

cheers. hope that helps.

Thanks Jonsloan. I’ll slap a bleep on it and see how it handles.

I think it is a cool track! Hihats are also bit sharp on my end… I think i would have made the track a bit shorter 8.40 min is quite long

Im listening on laptop speakers rather than in my studio right now and the hithats overpower the track a little. Just pull them down in the mix.

It is a tad long but this style of track is often longer than usual

sounding nice mate