Tech Tip - Gates & Sidechain

Thanks for this tech tip, I found it really usefull!

I’ve always wondered about Gates and to be honest have never really fully understood them or used them before.

What are gates typically used for, apart from in the way it was used in the video as sidechaining, what is it’s other function/s?

I’d like to fully understand the use and means of Gating. Jon you usually seem to be a fountain of knowledge, do you have any text anywhere you could copy n paste? :slight_smile:

my 2 most common uses are

  1. Noise Gate… cutting off noise below a certain level… can help get rid of some breathy stuff on vox etc. this is a quick fix… i normally go in at the end and manually tidy up any unwanted stuff.

  2. controlling reverb tails on drums

oh ok cheers.

1. So how would it differ then from just using a high/low pass filter? Or is it really another method for doing the same thing? :ermm:


2. Would that just be similar to shortening the ‘feedback’ on your reverb? Or do you get a different effect?

a noise gate just cuts the signal completely when it gets below a certain threshold… its not filtering its just letting sound through or not

what do you mean about copy and paste text??? when have i done that lol

Cheers Phil, makes sense now :slight_smile:

lol Jon :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

well if you’re gonna be like that then i won’t share my wealth of info with you.

that and the fact that i know very little about Gates :slight_smile:

I’m not being like anything Jon, i was laughing at your paranoia.

I like your fountain of knowledge mate, i wouldn’t have asked otherwise.

lol i was joking as well dude. i admit i did read it wrong to start with but after 2 mins i thought i was just being silly.

sorry for being paranoid dude.

luv ya bro.

Get a room you two. :slight_smile:

Also good work on the tutorial, loving it.