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taylorgittin asked:

  1. How do i create this unique “angry” synth sound included in the following songs?

    I responded:

[quote]electroatic (9/8/2009)[hr]Hi Taylor,

I’m assuming you have Sampler or something similiar.

  1. Sample the attack phase of Kick with a lot of crunch and loop it.

  2. Add some square osc to it — use your ears, if you haven’t worked with sample manipulation before, you will learn to tell where the threshold is for adding effects. There is a point where adding effects will start to make your sample “unstable”, Basically it will start hurting the sound instead of adding to it.

  3. When you found where you think this threshold is… Resample it. Now repeat steps 1-3 until satisfied.

    For this specific sound you definately going to be adding square osc, Low pass filters, bit crusher/or guitar distortion.

    Experiment with your effects at any given stage, for example adding a whole lot of sub at one phase, and then applying generous cut at the next. Boost mids - cut mids–boost highs --cut both —add sub —balance eq ----whatever. Basically a lot of experimenting and using your ears.

    If at any stage you feel you have “messed up” or sort of “lost sight” of the direction you were trying to go, just go back to the previous sample and start again.

    Here is an attempt at the sort of bass you wanting. I read your post and decided to give it a shot. This is pretty good for about 20 minutes worth of experimenting, imo. I’m no boyznoize, but i Think it shows that you can get the sound you want if you are willing to spend the necessary time.

    BTW, this track nothing more than a Kick, Clap, HiHat, one sampler for the intro, and all other sounds you hear are from just one sampler. I resampled the initial sound 4 times.

    Hope this helps some.

    Good Luck!


    Lectrofanboyrmas1 by Spacegate


Since I spent the effort attempting to demonstrate one avenue for getting this sound in another post, I decided to trim it down into one nice little tutorial.

I know this sound is very popular on the boards, and there has been some unrest growing between people demanding more electro and those who think there is enough. I hope my humble contribution will be helpful to those looking for this sound.


layer layer and … layer

thanks for the post :slight_smile:

damn i’m stupid … i had not read the post and i was thinking you was asking how to make such a sound …then after after reading the post I realised that you was giving the solution… i’m a bit ashamed …

How did you put a soundcloud player in the post?

[quote]bouffont (9/9/2009)[hr]How did you put a soundcloud player in the post?[/quote]

Just paste the embed code directly into the text box, no tags necessary.