Tech Tip Request

Hi guys,

This is my 1st post so 1st of all, you guys are doing a great job. Well done.

I have 2 plug-ins designed by Tim Exile. It’s called ‘The Finger’ and ‘The Mouth’, apparently it offers great stuff but I can’t find any you Tube Video Tutorials.

It would be good to have a 7 minutes video on each to understand the basic tricks of it.

Also, have you done any Tech tips on any plug-ins from Komplete 7?

I have got all of it but hard to figure out how to use them, if there is any, please share a link



yes i’m agree with this we see only how Sylenth 1 working i would like to see how Albino works how Gladiator works and etc also that u can explain us when we sing with any label what we have to do what we have to ask from them which is good for us which is bad for us Thank you !