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Ableton Shortcuts

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Haterade’s back with us for another quick Tech Tips video and this time he’s firing through a ton of awesome Ableton Shortcuts that will help speed up your workflow.

There may be some you may already know but definitely check this one it out as you might just get that ‘light bulb’ moment that could change things up for you massively when it comes to working away on your tracks!

Would be great if you listed mentioned short cuts in a table or overview. Particularly since you seem to be referring to Mac only. And I mainly use Windows/PC…
What are you talking about from 2:26 onwards??
What is “option shift click and drag” supposed to mean? There is no “option” key in Windows.
All the Live keyboard shortcuts are in chapter 36 of the manual by the way although I was rather confused after reading it.


Hi, jawolski,

I have inserted below a picture showing the key equivalents (windows and mac) printed on the same keyboard.
The same thing as you can see on the Logitech MX keys keyboards.

Mac Key Windows Key
Control Ctrl
Option Alt
Command (cloverleaf) Windows
Delete Backspace

Yep, definitely coming back to watch this again :wink:

Awesome tips!

Huge time Saver, thanks
„CMD+alt+B/L“ are also very nice btw