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Assimilating Kicks in Kick 2 with Phil Johnston

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In this tech tip tutorial using Kick 2, Phil shows us how to assimilate and synthesize a favourite kick sample, even if the sample isn’t perfectly clean and has artefacts so we can then tune and add effects to use in our tracks.


Awesome little tip and walkthrough - this gives KICK2 a very welcome dimension for me - thanks Phil :slight_smile:

u have just opened me eyes Phil thanks for sharing pal



Great tutorial! Thank you

I just wanted to ask is this not counterproductive if your spending all that time on a kick? Is it really necessary? Why not just get a good kick in key?

Hey there @Scottymac

In this tutorial Phil is showing how to replicate / “assimilate” any kick starting from a sample. So it’s more about being able to model a kick sample from a track that you like inside Kick 2 than getting the right kick to match your track. Pure sound design and Kick 2 in depth usage demonstrated here.

It’s ALL about the kicks dude!

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Great tutorial

Awesome. Thank you. :musical_score::musical_note::notes::v::ok_hand::heart::sunglasses:

Awesome tutorial :slight_smile:

Great tutorial! Initially the whole mismatch of the nodes and and the waveform was a nightmare but I figured it. When is Kick 3 coming?
We need finer controls and editing on the clicks a well. It needs to be a one-stop-shop setting up the complete kick…a view of the final WAV would be great

It’s an incredible plugin but I must restate my question: is this kind of technical knowledge necessary for 99% of EDM production? Or for those of us who want to get down to the music will presets And sample packs with a few tweaks do? I would like to see a tutorial that explains the fundamentals of kick production (what is the function of click? Is a kick a sine wave plus a click? Kind of gathering that after hours of watching). I’m a very experienced producer with many tv tracks straight from my studio so asking as a tech thing, not a lost newb. Thanks, I mean thes questions to be productive and maybe embolden to admit some confusion?


In a nutshell the answer is no, you don’t need to master that knowledge about kicks sound design, you can get away with presets and a few tweaks ( assuming the presets are good quality enough ) and it’s more a matter of listening if the kick is working or not inside a track.

But the essence & purpose of Kick 2 is to give producers the ability to design their own Kicks and tune & tweak them to their needs and liking, saving you from having to build & dive into a large samples library. So that’s where getting familiar with the plugin and kick sound design becomes really handy.

If sound design isn’t your stuff at all and if you find it cumbersome or confusing, then you can get away with already made samples and Kick 2 presets & presets packs have been created with this in mind :wink:

Really cool - thanks!

Great tutorial

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