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DAW Wars with Bluffmunkey

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In this video, we welcome back Bluffmunkey to discuss and advise on some of the different factors you should consider before spending your hard-earned cash on a new Digital Audio Workstation.

Whether you’re just starting your production journey or thinking of changing your current DAW, this advice could save you financially and from workflow headaches too! Just because your favourite artist uses Ableton or Logic Pro doesn’t mean it will be right for you.

All DAWs now achieve similar results but have pros and cons that will only relate to you.

Check this out before you switch or buy!

Thanks, I enjoyed that and appreciate you concentrating on the importance of getting a DAW which suits your personal workflow. I notice you did not mention Digital Performer 11 which is cross platform, can use a linear or clippings workflow, is totally customisable (virtually any function can be assigned to a keyboard command of your choice) and is perhaps the only DAW which DOES have a unique ability - namely that you can have multiple sequences within one project file. This is particularly useful for film/video composers who can have a separate sequence for each cue within the same project, and for live performances where you can have an entire set of individual songs in one project file. Very useful video! Thanks again.

Pretty biased against Logic. I also love Ableton Live and hate FL Studio. I find Cubase super clunky with a UI that looks like it was designed in the 90s with 1000 nested command drop downs. I love the way he tried to ignore Logic is a much better workflow, easier to use, and cost less than half of Cubase. TBH, everyone at Spitfire uses Logic, so I’d take it with a grain of salt that you need Cubase to do film scoring, and I know Armada Music are big Logic fans. The one problem I admit with Logic is that the version you can use is tied with your MacOS version…and once you upgrade a file you can’t open it again on a previous version of MacOS.

I am a die-hard FL fan and been using it for 9 years. Before I even used FL for the first time, I knew that it was right for me by watching YT videos. The workflow is perfect. The price point is great. It works well on both laptop and desktop. The only downside for me is that sites like Sonic Academy don’t feature it enough in their courses. Thanks for a great video. BTW I focus on uplifting and progressive trance and synthwave.

For some people there is maybe another criteria to choose a DAW (though it is perhaps a minority issue): wether or not is has a score/musical notation function. AFAIK it comes with Cubase, Logic, DP and recently Studio One. Very informative video btw, good points made and a nice intro!

I’ve been using Ableton live 11 lite for about a year now after it came with my first Midi-Keyboard, and I haven’t stopped using it since. I’ve always thought about upgrading to the most extensive version of the Daw (Studio) but felt as though I needed to learn more about music and the software before “taking the plunge” so to speak, as it is more of a hobby right now. Great videos, keep it up!

I’m also rocking (since several years) the thumb to far right enter-button. I also use a mouse with thumb-button which is used instead of a “middle-button” on the mouse. Workflow in both Cubase and the CAD-software I use has simplified things a whole lot. Makes specific fingers work less and makes it possible to work without strain.