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Does Gain Staging Matter?

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Kirk Degiorgio’s back with us this week looking at whether we need to worry about gain staging when our DAWs can export tracks using a 32-bit float.

In this video, Kirk breaks down what 32-bit float actually means and then uses some examples to show how it can be useful in keeping dynamics even when your export is clipping.
However, our desire for older, analog hardware-emulated plugins can mean there are some limitations to how useful 32-bit float really is.

Check it out to find out more!

It’s important to be discernible with the various types of dB that you refer to in this video. dbA vs dbFS vs VU are all various ways to measure amplitude. We also have a real-world noise floors (background radiation, earth noise, microphone/pre-amp self-noise etc…) that should all be considered within the gain staging context even within an anechoic chamber.

Either way, the concepts within the digital domain are covered very well here. A great video nonetheless!

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