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It’s a vital tool for getting a tight mix in the low end, creating that ‘pumping’ effect to help the groove and getting your all-important kick to shine through - but do you know some of these common mistakes when using sidechain compression?

Well, Protoculture’s back with us once again to highlight some of the areas where producers slip up, especially when using popular volume shapers to get that sidechain effect.

Check it out!

Hi Protoculture,
It will be interesting that you make a course on Shaperbox.
Or that you can compare different lfo tool solution. what is the best ? Shaperbox, LEFO tool, Gatekeeper.
It is better to use a volume shaper or side chain compression ?

great tip there pal thank you

Hey Nate,
Once again thank you very. The tip with shortening the kick was a real game changer for me. Made my low end so much tighter.
Great stuff.

I’ve covered Shaperbox in detail here already. I love the node editing in Shaperbox, plus you get a ton of other effects too. At the end of the day though they’re essentially all just volume automation plugins so there’s no real best plugin out there.

Great tips as always Nate - picked up Shaperbox2 after watching this… are you on commision?


3 minutes in and already getting some key tips and understanding of processing

using studio one so hopefully emulate the knowledge into that daw been using cubase since cubasis just loving studio one atm

Thank you!

This was great and Nate is the perfect person to learn from. Enjoying all of his videos. I’ve already implemented a couple tricks and techniques to clean up some low end overlaps in my kick and bass. I was a little long on my kicks and flipping the envelope was a sure fix for this tune.


Thanks Nate - I’m pretty new to this so I was trying to find how to get of out doing it too much and losing too much higher information and drive whilst knowing I needed to get stuff out of the way of the kick. Keem them coming!

I love cableguys, I have shaperbox - for those on a budget eg. free look for TAL Software, where some plugins are not just sold, there are some fully working freebies, including the excellent, free, Tal-Filter-2 - you will find it easily there - cheers! :slight_smile:

Great point Nate, I have a tendency to sidechain everything but then when I want it to maybe be less pronounced, I let stuff bleed thru either by adjusting the threshold or input gaining the trigger or playing with attack/release of the compressor… just to help make sure there’s stuff out of the way sure if I want but maybe can let it get back in the way a teeny bit… lol

Nice Tutorial. Easy to understand.

I love that real teacher speaking " Make sure those kicks are not too long ! " using that particular tone, so that students will remember it. Thanks for those tips !

thanks for the helpful hints! good tutorial!

Extremely useful! Please do more on mistakes you see in mixes.

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so so Helpful!

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