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How To Make a Radio Edit

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Protoculture’s back this week to share some tips and tricks on How To Make a Radio Edit and help with this essential process if you’re looking to get your track featured on playlists for streaming platforms etc.

Nate’s straightforward method will also mean that you can make any edits and adjustments that will carry across both versions meaning the processing is essentially the same when it comes to mastering.

Using his recent Tinlicker style track to demonstrate, we cut down the track making sure the essential sections are left in and then look at some tips when exporting.

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Very Class this function to export Radio Edit & Extended Edit . I have Cubase 8.5 and certainly in 2022 i do an upgrade to Cubase 11 . Thank You .

Love this! I never thought of using one session. It would be a time saver and space saver! Cheers!

nice sounding production…