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How To Personalise Loops

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In this quick video, Haterade looks at some cool ways to put your own stamp on those loops you find.

With some quick and easy steps, you can transform a loop into something totally different - from slicing to MIDI, pitch shifting and chopping it up - you’ll have a whole new sound to play with that will be unique to you.

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easy but very effective

Really cool

That was very helpful!thx Haterade!
How do I manage my personalized samples in Ableton live?
I don’t want to mix them in with my purchased sample packs, but I don’t know how to manage them, including file names, by genre, mood, etc.
If you have any lessons on how to organize your samples, please let me know.

Perfect Beat


But it’s good that I came here today. Thanks for the tips right now it was time for me to get on with my music.

great tips ! thank you

Short, sweet, and do the point. Thanks!