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How To Set Up A Release Plan

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So you’ve created an awesome track - what next? Well, Haterade’s here with a quick video where he shares some tips on getting your track out of the studio and into the real world!

From setting deadlines and getting in touch with labels to when you should follow up, when to move on, and creating promotional material - this video will give you the tools to move forward and hit that release date with confidence.

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Brilliant. Thanks

Thanks! Very Helpful
One Thing: Links or at least the names of the sites/programms in the Details would be very useful!

Thanks Noah. My musician buds were just having a discussion about this. We also talked about motivation to complete the tracks. For us we decided we could only buy new gear/software if we released a new track. If we released a track then we could buy something up to 30 days after release. After 30 days we’d need a new release to buy again.

Here are the links you mentioned in the video. Thought this might help.


Graphics & Video

Distribution & Sharing

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Thanks for including those links amoor!

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