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How To Steal Ideas (Without Actually Stealing Ideas)

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Noah aka Haterade is back with us again for a quick video to show how we can utilise chord progressions and drum patterns we’ve heard elsewhere to inspire our own tracks.

Check it out!

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Love This… Respekt

I have a question. I know that lyrics are copyrighted, but a simple word repeated through the whole song, or a simple sentence like “I need you, baby”, would these be considered lyrics?
In other words, is there a minimum level of complexity that define lyrics?


Lyrics are copyrighted as entire songs, not phrases, since it is the written content of a full song which is copyrighted by the original writer ( who may be a different person than the composer or the performer ).

Now sampling audio vocals is another thing and it’s forbidden unless you have a written authorization : so this can either be a license granted to you when buying a sample pack, or a written permission or clearance for using the vocals from the original song/vocals owner.

That’s the very basics of the " legal side of things " and we all now that sampling and re-sampling is another story in practice, but in the end, yes : the original owner or performer of the vocals could sue you for sampling a single phrase.

The all point being " how similar or recognizable " is your own work from the sample source, which is well illustrated in this course :wink:

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Great! Nice tips here.

I actually did something similar to this today. I started with motif I heard and used it to build the groove and then changed the motif. Having anything as a starting point is a HUGE step toward kick starting the creative process.