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Psychology of Learning

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Following Bluffmunkey’s brilliant Psychology of Making Music course, he’s back with another video where he leaves out the technical aspect of using a DAW and reflects on how we can advance our learning skills so we’re able to make the most out of the courses we provide here at Sonic Academy.

It’s easy enough to sit and watch hundreds of tutorials, but here we discuss getting all of that information into practice to become a better music producer and how to go about it.

Check it out!

Definitely food for thought in this and I am guilty as charged for a lot, if not most of it - brilliantly crafted by Bluffmunkey

Great, great video! Totally agree.
The last 10 minutes, pure gold. I found myself solving my music problems while taking a run outside.
I can be more productive if a take bigger breaks and not forcing my brain.

Really helpful, one thing I suffer from the most is watching tutorials rather than actually doing them myself. If you don’t apply the knowledge chances are after a sleep it’s forgotten anyway. Great vid

Great by bluffmonkey yet again :clap:

Your advice is well thought out and wise.

When learning anything, knowing the reason why, is something that’s very commonly overlooked.
Whenever I would be training an apprentice as a refrigeration tech. I’d always stress how important it was to understand what caused a certain part to fail to prevent the same part from failing again.

You’re not really learning anything until you know why you need to learn it in the first place.

Wow, I tell people this aall the time, both inside and outside doing music. Im gonna play this to my other half, and see how freaked out she is.

Thank you so much fro sharing!
There are thing that I already but not doing it.
This is just a big nice push towards to what I really need to know instead to keep witching videos and at the end of the day I have just watched videos and did do or practice anything about it.
ahhh the connection with nature is always the best thing to do :slight_smile:
Thank you

Great points. I had a good LOL when you showed the Youtube clickbait cover page!! :joy:

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