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Setting Deadlines

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If you’re like many producers out there that get stuck with the same track for hours, days, even months - then check out the advice in this quick video from Noah AKA Haterade.

By setting a time to complete your track, you can force yourself to not only get over the finish line more often but ultimately learn more and become a better producer quicker.

Give it a try!

Great tips! It makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the great reminder and topic, Haterade!

What is the best way to set deadlines though?.. Meaning, how do you hold yourself accountable, when there isn’t “your favorite label asking for a finished track in 2 days”? Also, maybe you could expand on, what are some good deadlines/goals to shoot for? Example: “Finish a track per week”; or maybe just some general deadlines that have helped you to improve in the past? Thanks for your help/input!