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Tech Tips Volume 16

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Volume 16 of our Tech Tips focus's on tips in both Ableton Live and Logic Pro X, covering drum programming, synth layering, side chaining gateing, reverb and more!


Thank you!! ^_^

Thanks guys. Really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

The layering tutorial was great! Do you think if an Ableton compressor was added to the group track before being sent to the reverb the overall sound would be a little phatter and have some more punch?

Gentlemen, thank you for the Tech Tips!!! This installment was VERY helpful to me. I know the Tech Tips are time consuming, but I would love to see more of these. Again, Thank You!!!

You could, but as the material is a pad sound, dont think you will get much punch or phattness - will add a small of these tho, also I wouldn't want the pads in upper low frequencies . I would perhaps add a saturator or something like that to help it cut though in the mix

What about when layering the super saw synths with the Audien Wayfarer chords?

I was talking about the Wayfarer chords.

Nice job on this installment guys, lots of useful info here. Also, Phil, looks like it's time for some new glasses ;)

I'm really digging these latest tech tips. The analogy about the funnel for layering is helpful for understand the concept, Thanks . Also, I found this podcast on iTunes called edm producer. I was on a flight yesterday and gave it a listen. They were raving about A.N.A comparing it to sylenth. I don't own A.N.A yet but it will definitely will be my next synth. Cheers

We've just updated this course with 2 new "Get That Sounds" on NERO - SATISFY - Check it out!

hey chris, did you ever hear of a thing called "green atlas"

I sure have, was a track I did around 10 years ago

If its not too much trouble what are the chords for the "layering synths" tutorial?

Yeah it sure is... although im going to get them Lasered so dont want to fork out £100 for new ones that will never get used again. Dilema

when I open the zip file, it does not contain all the sounds within it for the projects.
where can i find these missing files?

hey guys, anyone knows how to "flip" the gate in logic pro like in ableton?
I want to try the sidechain gate on reverb .

When talking about the spreading the width in ANA, if translating that into sylynth, would that be spreading the stereo width? or changing the phaser/chorus width? Thanks for the great tutorial!

Thanks for " low shizzle"!! =)

Layering Synths is allsome!