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Tech Tips Volume 18

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Welcome to the all new Tech Tips Volume 18.  Nine all new tech tips to help you get the best from your DAW and speed up your workflow.


Firstly FL Studio Jedi master SeamlessR shows us how to create a better ‘Reese Bass’ - use FM for a robotic sound and how to insert many channels into the mixer with a few key strokes.


Next for the Logic users Chris shows you how to get retro synth to make bass wobbles using the ‘custom wavetable’ function and how to quickly glitch up some vocals in a Trap stylee with the EXS24.


Lastly we head over to Phil where we get the lowdown creating a shimmer reverb effect made famous by Brian Eno and how to create a modular style techno sequence. Enjoy!


I would really appreciate a new track-build per week. At least one every two weeks. I feel that is very do-able. Too long of gaps. Love what you do, but throwing that out there. Thanks.

Hi Nate, thanks for the comments, we try and do a course release every two weeks be that our "How To Make' or 'How To Use' and around every six weeks we release our very popular Tech Tips Volumes. These are great for expanding your production knowledge, achieving and understanding the sound design in certain tracks - submitted in the 'get the sound' forum, or speeding up you workflow. These always resonate well with our audience. Inbetween the major release we try and bring you an in depth interview or a 'Sonic Academy' plugin/soundware release and walkthrough. Hope this helps - we are always looking at ways to bring you guys more and more content ;-)

Thanks Chris, just hungry for more track-builds as they always are the most informative . Also, I assume they drive your traffic and fan base more than anything else. To be honest Id pay more were there more track builds so it isn't that I'm saying you aren't a great source for learning or are terribly expensive, but I do think SA will grow a lot faster if you could go faster, even a bit. Thanks for the response

Found the Glitching Vocals in EXS24 tutorial very informative - thanks Chris!

Tutorial 186 is Logic Pro X and not FL Studio